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Baubles & Tree Decorations

Mrs Claus Christmas Kingdom has one of the largest range of Christmas Tree Decorations in Perth. They range from that traditional classic decoration to some of the more modem colours that are used today. Mrs Claus has decorations from all over the world, given you that something special. Made from glass or plastic something for everyone’s budget and taste. Baubles, Figures, Bells, Snowflakes, Santa’s, Ribbons, Angles, Birds, Tinsel, Berries, Flowers, Elves, Pets, Teardrops, Australiana items, Snow Globes, Soft Toys, Stars, Emoji Baubles, Pine Cones, Fairies, Crosses, Butterflies and Candy Canes.

Bring and more Bling…….Wooden& Natural……Traditional & Modern……you choose………..

Did you know that people putting up Christmas trees can be traced back to the 1500s in eastern Europe? The first recorded of a tree put up for Christmas can found in 1510 in Latvia and 1521 in Slovakia, according to the Christianity Today website. However, the tradition of putting trees in homes during wintertime – and not just Christmas – goes back even further to the pagan times.

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Mrs Claus has the Largest Range of Tree Decoration in Perth

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