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Mrs Claus

Mrs Claus Christmas Kingdom started with 7 reindeers on Mrs Claus’ front lawn of her house.

This grew into something that was so specular for many to visit during December.

Mrs Claus and Senior Elf would sit out the front of their house and share the Spirit of Christmas to all that visited their home during that time. Mrs Claus watched the joy that her display created on the faces of many boys & girls, young and old alike.

Many would ask her “where did you get you decorations from”. As this go too big for Mrs Claus to set up, Mrs Claus decided to open a shop where she could supply many beautiful decoration and lights so you could decorate your own home.

The True Meaning if Christmas is dear to Mrs Claus’ heart. Joy & Zane (Senior Elf) have an exquisite range of life size nativity scenes also available in her store. Mary, Joseph, 3 Wiseman, Angels, Animals and Baby Jesus in a manager.

Mrs Claus’ Nativity’s will grace your front window, melting hearts and setting your home, office or restaurant apart at Christmas time. Mrs Claus travels the globe, providing Perth with the finest array of Christmas Decorations and Products.

There is something for everyone’s taste at Mrs Claus Christmas Kingdom for shopper’s young and old.

We always offer our customers the best service. This means, in particular, that in our specialist shops we offer qualified advice in decorating your home or tree this year. If you are looking for a Christmas Display in your Office, Shop, Hotel Foyer, Restaurant, Private Function or your own Home, you must visit Mrs Claus Christmas Kingdom.

Have you always enjoyed the annual pilgrimage to explore and delight in the beautiful Christmas light displays of other people’s homes around Perth, during the Christmas season? Well now you can create your very own ‘Christmas Wonderland’ at your own front door.

Mrs Claus Christmas Kingdom is the largest Christmas Shop within Perth. She has the largest range of Christmas lights, now available for you all to purchase and decorate you house. You can be assured with Mrs Claus’ dedication for 100% customer satisfaction, along with her flair for decorating, that your dreams of enjoying your very own Christmas wonderland will come true for you this year. Mrs Claus (Joy) and Senior Elf (Zane) Clarke have been blessing and enchanting Perth families for years with their vibrant, animated and carefully created Christmas light display at their home.

They now offer the long awaited opportunity for Perth families to purchase their very own ‘touch of Christmas’ through their new and exclusive shop, “Mrs Claus Christmas Kingdom”.